That unease you've been feeling in your chest is not just the news.
Sometimes we get so busy with our lives and trying to survive that we lose sight of ourselves...who we are and what we want.  

Knowing yourself and what you want is the first step to having a life that feels good.  Change is made
from the inside out.

From Grime to Glow
14 Days of Daily Guidance, Inspiration, and effective Tools to
move your life into
Yummy Focus

Losing a sense of ourselves is normal when you are busy with work, kids relationships

 You might have been feeling for a while that...

I've had to battle my whole life for everything I have and to be honest I am tired of the fight and I feel like there should be something more right?

I work, work, work...but I still don't feel peaceful or fulfilled in life and I'm tired of that pit in my stomach feeling. I am constantly giving to everyone else but myself!

Self-Care is such a hollow cliche, something I would love for myself, but I don't even know where to start.
Plus I have NO time for it!

Well guess what Mama you're not alone...I hear you and I've been there.

From Childhood trauma "Mom Issues" on overload, to Breast Cancer to a stalled out career, hearing "no not yet" too many times, to financial difficulties and having a child “come out” and beyond.
I’ve been there.
Really I have... 

But guess what...I discovered a method a formula that I live by that has helped me "thrive" 
not just survive through it all…

This method has helped me be able to...

Keep my peace of mind and heart- though storms were raging all around.  I was able keep my center, keep returning to calm each time life knocked me down.

Keep my sexy inner glow- Yep I feel sexy and beautiful even now in 2020. I feel spurred to action but not to worry.  I’m able to not let the storms take me down to wrinkle worry land. 

Stay on purpose and passionately involved but not feel overwhelmed . Apathy and emptiness are such a killer and so easy to fall into when life keeps knocking you down but I’ve been able to keep the passion of my purpose on the front burner of my life. 

 I can’t wait to share this "Method" and this journey with you NOW before the clock runs out on this year.
Because believe it or not...nothing magical happens on January 1st. It’s just the day after December 31st ... Unless you do something new!  And Yes there is still time This 14 Day Guided Journey will take you there.

From Grime to Glow.  
From overwhelm to Calm and centered. From empty - to passion and yummy purpose. From lost and disillusioned to on mission and clear. From all this Grime To Glow!

Ready to Get Back to You
 "Glow Up"

Guided Journey Is Conveniently On Your Time
Your Calm & Focus awaits you...Grab your spot today

Come join me for a 14 day yummy transformational journey… It will take only 30 minutes a day. 


Go from living in anxiety and overwhelm
 to Calm, Focused and Feeling the Yummy in 14 days!
Guided Journey On your Own Time With Daily Inspirational videos & prompts from Me at Your fingertips! 
Seriously Transformational!

A 14-day  journey of  YUMMY restoration with a step by step formula you will use for a lifetime to keep you coming back stronger!
Not just hard, but more courageous, more open, more joyful, more kind, more resilient, more sexy, more confident in yourself!
So you can truly GLOW!

Because at the end of the day what you really want is to feel good in your skin, to feel like you are enough,
to feel on purpose and lit from within Right!

Here is what you'll find on the inside!

A “Shot of Yummy” with quick daily focus videos from me, where I'll guide you each step of the way so you'll know what’s in store for you each day of the 14 day journey.

Mid week Yummy” A live call with Me. Where we can connect together as a group.  And be with others on this journey of pulling in clarity, calm and yummy passion and purpose.

A beautifully designed workbook that will guide you through each day of your experience. Including a daily checklist, and daily mindfulness prompts. 

Plus, these yummy bonuses

My Signature "Yummy YOU Road map" ($47)It's an invaluable tool. 
So you will already know what to focus on for 2021 and what you have to do to make it happen.

Plus a Bonus Community VIP Room where you will find all of my "Go To's" for a Yummy Life. From book suggestions to audio downloads, to my go to nutritional must haves!
  How amazingly yummy is that!

Plus a "Surprise Bonus" That has been my most asked for tool among my Clients
Once signed up you will unlock this Amazing Tool Bonus!

Total Value of $397

You Pay Just $197

For the entire 14-day transformational restoration journey! 

The first 25 who you sign up and pay will get a 1-1 Private coaching session with me a( $85 bonus!)

If you sign up and bring a friend who signs up and pays as well you will both get
{2} Private Coaching Sessions with Me a ($170 bonus) just for you!

What are people saying about Dahn... Coach, Speaker, Workshop leader ...

                     "Empowering Relationships Inspiring how we live in the world...Yeah it can be Yummy!"~ Dahn 

Is this for me?

 It's not for everyone... 
This is NOT for you if...

  • If you are just wanting the clock to wind down on this year and have your fingers crossed it will
    be better next year...
  • If you want to keep working till you drop giving to others to your job your family your partner until there is nothing left...
  • If you want to just keep complaining and "liking" memes on how bad it was this year but do nothing about it...

 BUT...if you haven't come this far to just come this far... This IS for YOU!

  • If you are not ready to let that {sexy voluptuous Lady Sing} just yet on this year. If you have decided
    you aren't gonna let the year go out like that...until you have a win in your column
  • If you want to know how to keep peace in your life though the storms rage on. Pandemic
  • Childhood trauma or not, divorce or job loss come what may, You will have a method to help you get back your calm peace and purpose each time.

What an amazing Early Holiday Gift to yourself!

No more confusion, overwhelm, exhaustion, and just plain ole, helplessness for you... after this transforming journey you will know for sure, as the clock winds down on 2020, that 2021 will be your best year yet!
All because you turned all that "Grime To Glowing UP"

Total Value of $397

You Pay Just $197

For the entire 14-day transformational restoration journey! 


The first 25 who you sign up will get a 1-1 Private coaching session with me!

If you sign up and bring a friend who signs up as well you will both get
{2} Private Coaching Sessions with Me

                    Don't wait
              You Deserve to
      Feel Inspired Calm & Peaceful
             Let's "Glow Up" Now!